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Our story

STRAFOGA is an acronym for Strategic Focus Game and builds on the heliotropic principle: ”that, which we give light, we give life.” Just like the sunflower turns towards the sun, we focus on that which is given attention.

STRAFOGA combines focus with playing and has an effect in the short as well as in the long term.

The people behind

The inventor of STRAFOGA is Sanni Grych, Game Director at Learn by Interaction. She had the passion to make the idea concrete and usable. She made the game a reality working with IT developer Martin Hjort, Spicyweb and graphics specialist Tommy Bæk Torpegaard from Mainmedia. Sanni has always loved games and her interest in game design has been developed during her long career in HR, Communication and strategic change processes, culminating in several professional games for organizations. The bottom line is that many of the tested implementation methods need an extra gear to succeed. STRAFOGA offers this. You can read more about the company at www.learnbyinteraction.dk.

The idea that blossomed

The development of games as a method comes from the belief that the serious is better when it is spiced with a little fun and friendly competition. The first tangible ideas for STRAFOGA came when Sanni, as game master for a mid-size company, developed a game with an Olympic theme. 140 employees in a division shared good stories in five chosen focus topics. A trophy changed hands with the lead. Geographical challenges showed a need for a virtual access to the game and the need for a tool, which was easy to administer and use.

The game method

One of the strengths in games is the competition. Competition is a driving force that keeps many people interested and focused. Most people have played with family and friends and have positive associations with games. It is nice to do something together. A friendly competition. In a professional context, games also work because they engage and they create a different kind of dialog than conventional tools.