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Your game

Get your own STRAFOGA game

It is easy to get started. A game consultant will help you adapt STRAFOGA to your strategic focus and advise you how to get the most out of the game. Then all your teams gain access to your specific STRAFOGA game for the duration of the game. The virtual game board can be made easily accessible through, for example, a link on your intranet.

Among other things, use the game for:
  • Creating dialog and action regarding parts of your strategy
  • An internal campaign tool
  • A guiding star in change processes as, for example, focus on sustainability/corporate social responsibility
  • Debating your values
  • Focusing on well-being and work environment


Call and get an offer suited to your organization.

Price examples for small organizations
Company with 90 employees, 10 teams and a 6 month game. Standard price 55.000 kr.
Company with 40 employees, 6 teams and a 3 month game. Standard price 30.000 kr..
Notice the substantial pioneer discount when ordering before December 2013.

Get started now and get strategic effect

Call +45 60 68 65 88 to book a meeting and learn what value the game can give your organization.