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Welcome to a novel strategic universe

Kick start the implementation of a strategy, a set of values or a change process in an efficient and fun way.
The strategic implementation is spiced up with a game design that transforms plans on a piece of paper into living activities that gets the entire organization buzzing in the right strategic direction.

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Easy to play during the day

The game duration is 3-12 months. It ensures retention of focus.
The game consists of a series of small activities, which are easy to integrate into a workday. You do not need special workshops or meetings. Every team handles their game activities offline when it suits them, for example at a department meeting.

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You will get your own STRAFOGA-game

The game is adapted to your strategic focus so it is custom made to the changes you want to implement. The changes could be new values, focus on sales, project management or several changes at once.
All teams will get access to your specific STRAFOGA game for the duration of the game. You can create a link from your intranet to provide easy access to your virtual game board.

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Play across boarders

The game assignments and the game board are located on a website, but the game activities take place off-line to fit the individual teams. This makes the game independent of geography and the employees’ access to a computer.

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STRAFOGA is a game-based web tool where points and game pieces create friendly internal competition, which helps maintain commitment and focus. Serious and Fun are combined to create results.

Strategic tool

  • Get the organization to focus on the strategy
  • Debate the values
  • Guiding star in the change process
  • Focus on well-being and work environment
  • Internal campaign tool for, for instance, corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Team based game

All the teams participate in the game activities, which can easily be incorporated in already planned department meetings. This creates focused dialog and creates cohesion across the organization.